Lord Finesse live form Japan

This is a show from the man who has the Greatest show in Hip Hop right now, air tight performance from start to finish!! Check out Lord Finesse direct from Tokyo.

We got together I think after his tour there If I remember rightly.  For all those who are performers or artists seeing him perform live is a must.  A great lesson from one of the best ever to do it.


A very Old Friend Spence’s new venture

This is going back some 20 years ago, when we was digging all over the city.

There was a record store called Way Ahead Records that we used to hang out, that was because of the man featured here Spence. He used to get us records discounted plus he was serious about music. He knew my older brother very so I kind of got introduced to him via him.

Spence then was living Moseley back then. I went to his spot a few times. I was blown away by his video collection. He had a serious obsession with Horror movies.

Over the past few years we met again, He was running the rough trade shop in London. A month ago I discovered he was running his own record label putting out vinyl records of Classic Horror Movies. Check out the video.