Gangstar Promo video

I found this on youtube the other day, Promotional video for the group Gangstarr. Shot whilst making their second album Step in Arena. One of the best produced Hip Hop albums to date.

One of the albums that definitely inspired me to forge King of the Beats.


Unstoppable : The roots of London Hip Hop. Film coming

Here is a project that I’m really proud to support. Many years ago i was at B-Boys for life event. I saw this guy writing so many things down. He kind of looked like a hip hop train spotter to me. So i walked up to him and asked him what he was doing. He introduced himself as U.Net Gisseppe Pipitone, a writer from Italy.

We hung out for a few hours, and from that I shot a video about him that ended up on myspace. We kept our friendship and years later he approached me about writing a book about the London Hip Hop scene. Although I’m not from London, I still know a lot of the Golden Era artists. I introduced him to a number of people and he went on his mission.

forward a few years later. Me and Giuseppe speak again, and from our conversation he goes on to a new adventure turning this into a film. Its great as I was film maker and he a writer, recently im start to write and he’s making a film.

For the first time in a good few years we met again in London last weekend. 7.06.13. I got to meet the team and was asked to help oversea some of the Augusts filming with the crew.


A Special Treat from team KOTB and Jeru the Damaja

This is a total first. For many years i have been filming private videos for artists who have supported my work. These films are for them and their families only.

Jeru the Damaja is a good friend who supported me for a good many years. You may remember the interview he did with the site 2 years ago. Not long ago Jeru along side the BEATNUTS who also took part in the KING OF THE BEATS performed at London’s Doctors Orders.

After returning from NYC with my new equipment i wanted to test it out filming a show. Jeru kindly allowed me to film him for his personal Achieve. Today Jeru after watching the film asked me to post it up. Normally I would never do this. As this is the artists request, here is a very special piece of my personal collection alongside Jeru are sharing with you. Enjoy. In return support KOTB and Jeru the Damaja for forthcoming shows.