KRS ONE – 40 years of Hip Hop

I saw this the other day, one of the best video’s ive seen posted for a long time. This is a must watch.

KRS-One shares valuable secrets on the history, meaning and philosophy of Hip Hop. Slavery, education, spirituality, culture, modern society, war, the economy, mainstream hip-hop and much more were discussed at this historical event.

This speech was held during the Hip Hop appreciation week in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. There, KRS-One held his forty years of Hip-Hop lecture in the Bijlmer neighborhood.

Natasha Harpal


O.C & Ray West Present ‘RAYS CAFE’

Over the last few years King of the beats Records has forged a brotherhood with Red Apples Records. Co-Founder & Producer Ray West has been a great supporter of our work here at KOTB.

In April last year Ray took part in the KING OF THE BEATS challenge, featuring in the upcoming movie ‘Looking for the beat’. Rays got a very interesting approach to music production. Maintaining the values of what we call here Authentic New York Hip Hop, it has that gut feeling, but it has a sound that is uniquely his own.

Both Ray and his Red Apples Partner A.Gee have worked tirelessly over the last few years putting out 45 after 45, album after album. To be frank they really worked on their unique sound and approach, turning there vision into a reality. Something I know for a fact was not too well received to start with.

Many conversations me and A.Gee used to have. I was guilty of the above. They stuck to their guns, having real faith in their vision and worked it hard. Where now they have together alongside D.I.T.C  M.C and in my opinion one the greatest song writers this genre ever produced O.C. put together this album Ray’s Cafe.

I was lucky to be involved in this project, putting together this trailer for Red Apples.

To purchase a copy of this album, click here



I’m back on the campaign to raise the money to finish this film.  Looking for the Perfect beat. This is a Kickstarter campaign where you get something in return for your investment.

KOTB would like to proudly release our all-new varsity jackets.  The official stamp from the original challenge, created and found by Pritt Kalsi almost 20 years ago

King of the beats has grown and stands for the culture of digging for records, the preservation of vinyl and hip hop music.  Through films, events, workshops King of the beats has traveled far and wide spreading its message and planting its seed.  This was a labor of love. For the last Year Ive been working on my new film along side Jazzy Jay and JFK Aman, with the help of Film Crew Steven Ellington and Andy Higgs we have been really working hard unfunded to make an epic piece.

If you are passionate about this music and culture.  Collecting records, making beats, sampling and drum machines please show your support.  2014 looks like a very promising year.  Hopefully dropping the new film alongside new events plus the relaunch of the record label.   Unlike the ‘legenday grandmaster Jay and the many other fakes this is the real deal for people who are the real deal.

EXLCUSIVE – Rough scene, from ‘Looking for the Perfect Beat’

Its been a very interesting year for me, a lot of problems to deal with, states of depression, sickness, a loss of a brother a wife and almost a house that hangs in the balance. When you loose the things that motivate you and inspire you, its very hard when you are true artist to find the will and spark to get your self going. December there was some light shed, a light at the end of the tunnel shall we say.

Before going into that I need to firstly thank a certain JFK Aman, DJ Supreme who hung in there with me and was very patient while ive been up and down dealing with the demons within. Apologies for that. Jazzy Jay for still hanging in on the project and offering his fullest support. A thank you to my parents and family who have been there for me. My friends Damian, Keith, 4orce, Andy, Malcolm, Sparkii, Pappi, Beanz, Chieko, Flow, Pogo, Swift, Biznizz, 2000 A.dee, Ray West and A.Gee, Ryan Proctor, Chris Malbon and the many more who know who they are that kept me going through the year.

I did find some inspiration through the year courtesy of Johnny Juice who’s work ethics and sheer presence on facebook would remind me of the times I would be working like that. Chuck Chillout and the Higgs & Butler family. Mr Walt and Baby Paul who introduced me and gave me a lesson in business. Always the mighty Mr Lord Finesse who over the years has turned out to be a good friend. Diamond D for just being himself, just pure class. Psycho Les my brother. The Ultramagnetic Family Ced, Keith, Moe and of course TR who I really enjoyed hanging out with even though our time was short. Dib Stacks, Jah Jas, Jim Slice and Cool V who came through on the Paul C flick. My brother TeQnotic for his art and contribution to the Paul C film

Breakbeat Lou who’s self faith speaks volumes. Caron Wheeler who really lifted my spirits towards the end of the year. This leads me onto Paul Large Professor who put the icing on the cake. To get props from him after all these years that did mean a lot. through all the person issues that some goodness came out of it. I remember my last words to Paul, ‘ I will and always have to be consistent and persistent coming from here that is the only key to some success for me., and maintaining my integrity and what I stand for’.

Coming to the realization I have a lot to offer still and that this film is a key to me changing me life somewhat. I have been locked in my house isolated my self and been grinding on it. Already 3 hours of interviews edited, The Beatnuts have joined the cast,

For those that have supported me and the work and cause here is short scene, rough I must say from the upcoming film, Looking for the Perfect Beat. Featuring Mikey D and K-Cut from the group Main Source.

the Large Professor – Main Source

This is one of the best acknowledgements I could ever dream of. Nothing like Kanye West and some Fashion designer, but something real and natural, call it a acknowledgment to your contribution to Hip Hop and the great legacy of one of the purest groups to ever record on vinyl that is Main Source, although my contribution was tiny it meant a great deal to me and my brother Mikey D.

I was always a fan of both Main Source albums. Large Professor as we all know is one of the greatest producers of this genre, not only did he help develop its sound, but inspired thousands of up and coming beat makers and producers to take up the art. He helped me develop, and yes inspired me greatly in digging for records and learning the craft of making music with samplers. As I started working on my films, I would Analise projects such as the second Main Source LP. Not much was known about Sir Scratch and K-Kut in comparison to Extra P but going through the Album its plain to see that their knowledge of music and production placed them amongst the greats.

This lead me to meet Mikey D in NYC who at that time was not the Mikey D you see on facebook right now. He really wasn’t feeling that Main Source LP. I think that was to do with a lot of personal issues he was dealing with at the time. Its been said though sometimes great artists produce some of their best pieces in those sort of times. Mikey a battle M.C who thrives off being the underdog in my personal opinion wrote and put together a timeless classic. After talking to Mikey about that record, trying ever so hard to get him to try and see the record how I saw it, he agreed to come to the UK to perform the whole Album. Originally It was to be be him and K-Kut, but Kev could not make the tour for legal reasons. He granted me permission to act as the groups DJ for the tour.

Mikey was well received here in the UK to his surprise i think. maybe inspiring him some to really get his act together and build him self back to the artist he was for many many years before. Thus founding his Elements of Hip Hop Project. In April last year I was in NYC working on my project Looking for the perfect beat. I received a call from Mikey asking me if I would like to go to Canada with him. Kev heard I was in town and he was doing a show scheduled to perform along side Large Professor and Cormega. He thought it would be a great idea if me and Mikey could go and then be the surprise act. Not as easy a planned, thinking it was a 8 hour journey turned into a 12 hour drive. We got held at the border, searched and interrogated we was allowed to enter the country providing we left by Saturday night. Large didn’t make it either. On the journey we picked up a now addiction to Subway Cookies.

Although Me and Large Pro had met once before it was brief, we have never really got to work. He was and is very aware of my work and what I do and I heard he supports it. But the video above only confirms that if you put hard work in, that you will get recognition. Not just me, my brothers Kev K – Kut and legend Mikey D. Extra P, take my hat off to you.