Jazzy Jay King of the Beats Project


2012 Legendary DJ and Producer Jazzy Jay visited the UK staying here with us for a month.  A break away from New York City. Jay chilled out in the city of Birmingham. For a long time Ive been working with Jay . He has fully supported the King of the Beats movement.

After many talks, and unforeseen situation arising Jay offered to really get on board with the project. The producer who produced producer, the first of that pioneering generation two own his own recording studio is a fully on board.


DJ Too Tuff 1986 mix

I heard this, this morning via DJ Too Tuff. This mix is from 1986. Reminds me why i used to be glued to radio listening to pirate radio shows, we craved to hear something new.

Although this is from 1986, this is the first time I heard it. Check out MC Mechanism, this guy is sick. Reminds me of LL – Mikey D. Great rhymes voice and delivery. Next month Along side 4orce and Andy Higgs we are heading out to see Too Tuff. Its been long long overdue. I firmly believe hes one of the most un-talked about Programmers from the Golden Era. Looking forward to meeting him and shooting some footage.