KRS ONE – 40 years of Hip Hop

I saw this the other day, one of the best video’s ive seen posted for a long time. This is a must watch.

KRS-One shares valuable secrets on the history, meaning and philosophy of Hip Hop. Slavery, education, spirituality, culture, modern society, war, the economy, mainstream hip-hop and much more were discussed at this historical event.

This speech was held during the Hip Hop appreciation week in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. There, KRS-One held his forty years of Hip-Hop lecture in the Bijlmer neighborhood.

Natasha Harpal


O.C & Ray West Present ‘RAYS CAFE’

Over the last few years King of the beats Records has forged a brotherhood with Red Apples Records. Co-Founder & Producer Ray West has been a great supporter of our work here at KOTB.

In April last year Ray took part in the KING OF THE BEATS challenge, featuring in the upcoming movie ‘Looking for the beat’. Rays got a very interesting approach to music production. Maintaining the values of what we call here Authentic New York Hip Hop, it has that gut feeling, but it has a sound that is uniquely his own.

Both Ray and his Red Apples Partner A.Gee have worked tirelessly over the last few years putting out 45 after 45, album after album. To be frank they really worked on their unique sound and approach, turning there vision into a reality. Something I know for a fact was not too well received to start with.

Many conversations me and A.Gee used to have. I was guilty of the above. They stuck to their guns, having real faith in their vision and worked it hard. Where now they have together alongside D.I.T.C  M.C and in my opinion one the greatest song writers this genre ever produced O.C. put together this album Ray’s Cafe.

I was lucky to be involved in this project, putting together this trailer for Red Apples.

To purchase a copy of this album, click here



I’m back on the campaign to raise the money to finish this film.  Looking for the Perfect beat. This is a Kickstarter campaign where you get something in return for your investment.

KOTB would like to proudly release our all-new varsity jackets.  The official stamp from the original challenge, created and found by Pritt Kalsi almost 20 years ago

King of the beats has grown and stands for the culture of digging for records, the preservation of vinyl and hip hop music.  Through films, events, workshops King of the beats has traveled far and wide spreading its message and planting its seed.  This was a labor of love. For the last Year Ive been working on my new film along side Jazzy Jay and JFK Aman, with the help of Film Crew Steven Ellington and Andy Higgs we have been really working hard unfunded to make an epic piece.

If you are passionate about this music and culture.  Collecting records, making beats, sampling and drum machines please show your support.  2014 looks like a very promising year.  Hopefully dropping the new film alongside new events plus the relaunch of the record label.   Unlike the ‘legenday grandmaster Jay and the many other fakes this is the real deal for people who are the real deal.